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Real-Time Location Tracking Technology for Medical Equipment, Patients and Staff

Instantly Locate Any Hospital Asset or Person to Drive Efficiencies, Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

LatticeWorx technology offers a simple solution to a complex problem. Whether you're looking for a piece of equipment, a patient or a staff member, we can show exactly where that device or person is. All instantly updated, all in real-time.

We help our clients improve efficiency, better allocate resources and prevent loss. LatticeWorx technology can improve staff satisfaction and allow caregivers to spend more time with patients.

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Our Product

LatticeWorx provides real-time location tracking technology that allows you to find anything around the hospital and related care facilities in seconds. With access to the exact location of your medical equipment, patients or staff members, you can not only increase operational efficiency but also save valuable time in critical care situations. Patients in turn will be more satisfied with the increased availability of their providers.

Improve Care Delivery

By showing your staff exactly where needed equipment is, LatticeWorx technology can reduce the amount of time wasted searching for clinical or transport equipment, helping hospital staff be more efficient and improving service overall.


Simplify Asset Management

The quality of care you provide relies on the quality of your equipment. LatticeWorx technology makes it easier for your clinical engineers to locate each and every device that must be updated, saving valuable time and reducing potential device compliance and safety issues.

Real Time Location of Medical Equipment and Staff

Both providers and patients have precious little time with each other. LatticeWorx technology can maximize the amount of time spent face to face by showing providers where a patient is, so that they can have plenty of time to visit with each patient on their rounds.

How It Works

Faster, more reliable wireless connectivity and decreasing costs and size of computing power have revolutionized the way we can monitor devices or the people attached to them. We are taking advantage of these trends to track the location of patients, staff and portable medical equipment in real-time and provide instant insights into how fleets of assets are being used.

Data Generation

A small beacon, about the size of a coin-cell battery, is attached to any device, patient or staff member you want to track. This beacon emits a small signal that is received by our sensors.

Data Collection

Our sensors receive signals from any nearby beacons, perform initial data processing and filtering and forward appropriate data points to our cloud-based database.

Data Display

Our apps visualize your asset locations, utilization history and other metrics. You can search for a specific type of device, a specific patient or see overall trends for types of devices or your entire fleet of assets.

Technical Details

LatticeWorx technology relies on industry standards and commonly used technologies, joined together in a custom platform built from the ground up just for this purpose. We specifically designed our system to be open and flexible to make it easier to work with different kinds of tracking beacons, tags and sensors and so that we can integrate with any number of electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Our solution starts with a small tag that we put on each device, patient or staff member that you want to track. Depending on your environment and strategic goals, we might use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags.

BLE beacons are transponders, regularly sending a small 2.4 GHz radio signal that is received by our BLE sensors. RFID tags are detected by line-of-sight readers that operate from 125 kHz to 2.4 GHz.

The data lifecycle begins with our sensors or readers, where proximity and other telemetry are gathered from the sensors or tags. Real-time filters eliminate noise, smooth signals and transmit these data securely and anonymously to our cloud-based infrastructure. Once there, a specialized Application Programming Interface (API) exposes services that join these anonymous data with private information associated with those assets to provide rich analytics, tracking and proximity functionality.

"Our suite of applications allows users access to their data via iPhone, Android or traditional Web applications, as well as facilitates device provisioning and management. Enterprise users can have services integrated into their EHRs and other supporting software including Allscripts, Cerner and EPIC.

About Us

LatticeWorx provides health information solutions and insights that help caregivers improve efficiency and reduce costs.

We provide location-based tracking services that allow our customers to see the exact location of people and portable equipment, all updated in real-time.

We have a long history serving healthcare providers across multiple countries, having integrated our solutions with over 50,000 professionals throughout the United Kingdom’s National Health Services. We’ve also created value by integrating with EMRs in the United States, Italy, Spain and Mexico. Solutions include delivery of care pathways, content management technologies, clinical decision support systems and referral and document management workflows, all overlaid with analytics and insight capabilities.

Leadership Team

Shane Greyvenstein

Shane is a solutions architect and technical strategist. He has built three startups including a multimedia company and two health tech companies, one of which went public and became an accredited provider to the NHS. From this background, and more than 15 years’ experience creating sophisticated software solutions in a highly regulated market, he founded LatticeWorx, which brings key learnings and intellectual property from a career in health care spanning four continents to the unique challenges in US healthcare. Self-taught as a software engineer, Shane holds a Bachelor's in Economics. He is an avid reader and student of business and financial markets.

Ben Kleinman

Ben is a strategic adviser with nearly 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector. Ben has analyzed markets, identified growth opportunities, assessed organizational competencies and developed new products and solutions for small startups and larger organizations alike. Ben has been recognized by clients for his ability to simplify and translate technical concepts for non-technical personnel. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and enjoys spending time with his family, distance running and watching old black and white movies.

News & Blog

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